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Make your life easier with the addition of our unique Tooth Fairy Door Hangers. These items may be edited in a couple ways.. First you choice what color wood you would like either light wood or dark wood. Second choose the color you would like your tooth to be choose your childs favorite color or something that fits your decor. We will happily produce this product to match whatever your chooses. We continue to add unique items to our lineup. Dont see what you are looking for simply ask us we will be happy to produce it for you.

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We have started working in sublimation. It will not be long before you will start seeing Sublimated items on our website. Our vinyl business has slowed, If your looking for vinyl work please check us out. We are still working on special orders and looking for more work. If you are in need of that special project done give us a shout. We are still producing our in house items and many have been marked down on the sites. If you were waiting for sale maybe now is the right time to pick up that item you were waiting on.

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We at Angels Arc Creations have run into a bit of bad luck lately but we are still producing. I have been going through chemo so energy is lacking a bit but I am still creating and producing items. We appreciate everyone that has given us best wishes and orders. I realize we are a bit slow right now but we are not lacking quality nor letting our standards slide.

We are designing new products and getting them posted as quickly as possible. We have also added a new machine to our arsonal of abilities. We have recently added a CNC machine so we are now not only producing laser engraved but we now have the ability to engrave into wood to produce some really amazing designs.

We will continue to add to our abilities as we see the demand from you all increases. We currently have the ability to do laser engraving on almost any material, We do vinyl graphics, Sublimation on numerous materials, and now have the ability to CNC wood.

We appreciate everyone that has taken the time to check us out and look forward to working with you all. We take great pride in having friends not customers. We like to treat everyone with the upmost respect and are honored to work with you all.

If you have a chance stop by and leave a comment we enjoy knowing what you all are looking for and hopefully will have a chance to work with some of you.


Angels Arc Creations

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