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Angels Arc Creations is shifting gears! We are now offering Personalized Items direct from your requests.

As of 1 Jan 2024 Angels Arc Creations has changed directions. In the past we created items and expected our customers to purchase what we created. We have recieved numerous calls to created personalized items, so we are now offering Personalized items straight from the customers ideas to reality.

We have added links to our website for customers to complete with there ideas. Once those forms are recieved by us, we will contact you and discuss exactly what it is you are wanting. Once we come to an agreement we will will make your idea a reality.

Every item we create is handcrafted with quality in mind. We know the difference between low cost and cheap! We promise a quality low cost product that will be exactly to what we agreed upon. We have to ability and experience to work in wood, acrylic, glass, plastic, vinyl, sublimation and many other formats.

Here is but a few of the personalized items created by us over the last year. We would love to add yours to this column.

Backlit shadow box engraved mirror
Father and Mother

This item was created for a Son in Texas that wanted to give mom and dad a special gift. It is a backlight laser engraved mirror, it is a mirror until turned on then it becomes this wonderful picture of mom and dad.

Micro pub sign
Nosey Parker

Here is a sign commisioned by a friend of a guy that has micro pub. We created the sign as a joke for the individuals birthday bash. We recieved a call from the birthday boy to inform us that he absolutely loved it!. We love to get those calls, after many hours of labor it is nice to know it was appreciated as much as we loved making it.

large yard sign
Large Yard Sign

We got commisioned to create this sign from a lady that wanted an Adirondick style sign for her house. We created this which is 5 1/2 ft long 28" tall and 2" thick. We then shipped it to New Hampshire. She also loved it.

wine cart
Wine dealer Shelf

This shelf was created for a wine dealer out of Alabama. This shelve was hand made engraved, painted gloss black and hand painted red lettering. It was assembled into a wine cart for events.

Laser Cut Earrings

My Daughter start The Beading Hearts Club Jewelry business and ask me to cut some earrings for her. This is but one of many piles sent her in Florida. She hand paints these and sells them on Etsy, check her on Etsy.

Tree of Life
6 Layer Tree of life

6 Layer Tree created for a dear friend. We have been creating these since, all of her friends loved it and wanted one. This tree is 6 layers of 1/16 inch Baltic birch stained and layered up to create a 3d effect. Pictures don't do justice.

We would love to add a photo of your idea once it becomes reality. Complete the form on our website and allow us the pleasure of working with you.

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