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Discover the New Direction of Angels Arc Creations: Get Your Custom-Made Personalized Items Now

Updated: Jan 31

As of 1 Jan 2024 we have changed directions. We have in the past created items and wanted our viewers to purchase what we created. Although we have done okay with this format of selling, we have recieved numerous calls to create personalized items for individuals. So we will as always create our line-up of items as usual however we are shifting gears to offer a more personalized touch. We will now accept orders directly from our customers. Everything will be custom made to order.

You the client now have the ability to send us your ideas directly from the website. Simply complete the form on the website, we will contact and make your ideas come to life. We will work with you through the entire process to ensure you recieve exactly what you were thinking of.

We have the ability to work in wood, much of which can be hand cut, groomed, lasered, painted or stained to your liking. Acrylics, metal engraving, glass engraving, Plastics, Leather, and many other materials. We also offer vinyl lettering and signs, stickers, and many other handcrafted items. If it is sublimation you require we are completely fitted to accomplish that as well.

We believe we need to have the experience and ability to complete anything that is commisioned to us. We are small but mighty and offer only profession quality products to our customers. There is a difference between low price and cheap, we offer low price for a quality product. Give us shout and lets see what we can do for you!!

Here are some examples of products created for customers (now friends) in the past. Lets add yours to this column!

Backlit engraved mirror in shadowbox
Father and Mother

Micro pub sign
Nicro pub sign

Adirondick sign
Large front yard sign

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